“Come on why is the traffic taking so long I want to get home to my cute furry dog,” said my brother.  Everyone in the car was getting impatient even I was!  But I had to listen to the music that was playing. Soon most vehicles were moving very slowly but still it was taking so long . Suddenly, I thought what could be outside the window. I looked and I saw this rock climbing place and this girl climbed up the tall wall. Finally the traffic stopped and all the cars were moving and now we can go home.

The soldiers

“Oh look at that soldier! I remember him when I was at school , I was doing a project on him”,said Dad. My family looked at the solider and was very curious about the solider. The solder had a dirty hat and most of the statue was dirty and old. My family and me went to this walk called “ The Solider Walk” and we saw all these soldiers that went to war. My Mum thought they could take photos for me and I could bring it to school. I saw a soldier a statue of my great great grandfather I had to show my parents.

Trying to find the shop

“Which way to the shops?”I panted.The lady said, “find a different person and they will show you because I’m busy.”. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know where the shops were and I’m exhausted and tired. Suddenly,I had an idea!I thought that if I saw a person that wouldn’t mind telling me where the shops are and I’ll  finally be at the shops. I saw someone that looked like they could help me find a shop! I went up and said “hi, may you please show me where the shops are?”The man said “sure, just turn right at the end of this road and the shops are there.” I said, “thanks”.

Asking for a new bird

Wow!I didn’t realise they could fly!My baby birds are now grown up and they can fly.I had to persuade my parents to get me a new bird that’s a baby bird, I said “Mum, Dad may I please get a new bird please”I said in my softest voice.They both said “NO!” and I thought for a minute and I had an idea and I thought that if I go sulk in my bedroom  they will get me a new bird! So I did and my parents came and sat beside me and said alright you must want another one lets get you another one but you pay”,they laughed .

The snake pole

I couldn’t believe it! I was standing in front of a pole with a snake pattern all over it.I have been doing research on this pole and I heard there is a clue on one of the scales.I pressed a tile on it and everything was still normal.  Suddenly, I pressed and pressed until one popped out and it said on the paper, peel the grass and you will find the treasure! I peeled the grass and it had a chest, I opened it and I found gold! With a signature and it said on the chest enjoy the gold.

The prank

CLICK!,A flash of light, then, darkness appeared in my bedroom, I screamed AHHHH!I slowly calmed myself down but I could still feel my heart beating really, really fast.  Suddenly, I noticed  my door shutting and opening rapidly.I was now really terrified but I knew that my house is always locked and thought there isn’t a stranger in this house! I thought I will use this  advice. I suddenly thought is this a prank that my brother is doing on me. I went out of my bedroom and heard my brother laughing and he  said, “pranked you!”


seeing a alligator

Swish, splash, swish! AMY stop rocking the canoe you are going to make the canoe tip over and both of us will be wistful. Wow look at the garden it has flowers and mushrooms! And remember the rule don’t eat mushrooms, ok said Amy. Then suddenly we saw this weird thing in the lake! It looked like a alligator! So I yelled OARR we oared so fast that we were making heaps and heaps of waves. I was using my hands while Amy was using the oar and I was starting to have wrinkled fingers! Finally we got to shore and said lets go to a different lake!

locked in the classroom

BANG the door from the classroom shuts, the lights were off and then suddenly darkness enveloped the room. Me and my friend Sarah were trapped! We were stuck in the classroom! Sarah was freaking out, we were just going to get our books for library lessons but the teacher locked the door!Ok its dark in here but luckily we have our iPad to shine the light

For us to see. Actually its 11:20 and our the teachers come at 11:20.Our teacher comes in and says what are you doing here! I said the teacher locked us in! and she said ok but get to your next class!

The fight with marmite

Really Noah do you always have to make trouble between me and my brother! today he said that my brother liked Jam on toast and my brother said I don’t jam! He said it was you! bluh bluh reallly now butter NOOOO,I like marmite! So I had to go down with my friends to a chaos shop and went down like a hundred aisles to find the brand that my brother likes and it took forever to pay for one big thing of marmite! When I got home there was already marmite on the toast! Reallly!

School garden

Omg,I saw a huge garden that had been built at my school and everyone was over there looking at it and I was wondering what everyone was looking at in the garden and it was a sculpt of a scarecrow it was covered in blue paint. There was so many colourful flowers near it. Apparently all the fundraising that everyone did was going for this masterpiece. I was so happy and my friends too! It was for science or if you had a bad day you could sit on the rocks ! I am so happy with the school !