“Come on why is the traffic taking so long I want to get home to my cute furry dog,” said my brother.  Everyone in the car was getting impatient even I was!  But I had to listen to the music that was playing. Soon most vehicles were moving very slowly but still it was taking so long . Suddenly, I thought what could be outside the window. I looked and I saw this rock climbing place and this girl climbed up the tall wall. Finally the traffic stopped and all the cars were moving and now we can go home.

The soldiers

“Oh look at that soldier! I remember him when I was at school , I was doing a project on him”,said Dad. My family looked at the solider and was very curious about the solider. The solder had a dirty hat and most of the statue was dirty and old. My family and me went to this walk called “ The Solider Walk” and we saw all these soldiers that went to war. My Mum thought they could take photos for me and I could bring it to school. I saw a soldier a statue of my great great grandfather I had to show my parents.

Trying to find the shop

“Which way to the shops?”I panted.The lady said, “find a different person and they will show you because I’m busy.”. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know where the shops were and I’m exhausted and tired. Suddenly,I had an idea!I thought that if I saw a person that wouldn’t mind telling me where the shops are and I’ll  finally be at the shops. I saw someone that looked like they could help me find a shop! I went up and said “hi, may you please show me where the shops are?”The man said “sure, just turn right at the end of this road and the shops are there.” I said, “thanks”.