The fight with marmite

Really Noah do you always have to make trouble between me and my brother! today he said that my brother liked Jam on toast and my brother said I don’t jam! He said it was you! bluh bluh reallly now butter NOOOO,I like marmite! So I had to go down with my friends to a chaos shop and went down like a hundred aisles to find the brand that my brother likes and it took forever to pay for one big thing of marmite! When I got home there was already marmite on the toast! Reallly!

School garden

Omg,I saw a huge garden that had been built at my school and everyone was over there looking at it and I was wondering what everyone was looking at in the garden and it was a sculpt of a scarecrow it was covered in blue paint. There was so many colourful flowers near it. Apparently all the fundraising that everyone did was going for this masterpiece. I was so happy and my friends too! It was for science or if you had a bad day you could sit on the rocks ! I am so happy with the school !

Convincing teams

There was a orange team and the green team  that had to make a speech to persuade there teacher why they shouldn’t do homework. The orange team  spoke first , they said it takes up to much time and that we could be playing outside and exploring the world and can help the parents out they also said that if we didn’t have homework they could spend valuable time with the family. I thought it was good! And when I heard the green teams one I still thought that the orange team was better and they did win ! The teacher said that no more homework!


Firstly it can be obvious that balloons can be frighting if they pop and you weren’t looking and doing something and it popped! but if that doesn’t happen it’s fun to play with you could play balloon tennis or balloon volleyball or any other sport that needs a ball! Have you ever played with a balloon?


Balloons can come in all different colours! Like pink, brown, blue, green and more . Its clear that a colourful balloon can not be scary!


In conclusion, have you ever did something with the balloon and it popped so you never wanted to touch one again? Well you can always blow up another!